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Hey, thanks for visiting Positive Soup!

I’ve been working on the idea for this website for about 2 years. It evolved a lot and I kept tweaking little things.‎ And then yesterday I decided that today, March 20th, was a good day to launch it for 5 good reasons :

  1. it’s my Dad’s birthday
  2. it’s the first day of Spring
  3. it’s the International Day Of Happiness
  4. it’s the solar eclipse day (okay, it was super cloudy in Paris and I didn’t see a thing and was very disappointed especially considering the next one will be when I’m 96. Anyway.)
  5. if not now, when?

In a few words, Positive Soup is the result of my observation (in my life and in others’) that humans are not always in touch with what makes them the fantastic humans they actually, naturally are — their humanity –, that with more compassion, more kindness, more honesty, the absence of judgment, things in this world would be different, that society (and the people who constitute it) are responsible for the well-being of each other, that strong ethic principles make us better, that changing your thought process goes a long way and that applied positivity can be learned.

Positive Soup is practical, philosophical, thought-provoking, anchored in life, the real one, the one we experience every day and can choose to see with a positive, wide-open eye.

So, if you’re still interested (and I hope you are), here are ideas on what to do next:

-> Read the blog
-> Know more about me
-> Poke around the site
-> Read the Non-Conformity Manifesto

Enjoy the ride,


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