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I don't like clichés but in France we're a lot like that. And our social security is pretty amazing! But you kow, the subway runs every 5 minutes instead of 2 sometimes so... This page is a gratitude area. I wanted to call it a “virtual gratitude box” or a “gratitude tree” or something but I can’t think of anything visual right now. I even googled “gratitude” on google images and it showed me a bunch of turkeys which is annoying, first because I’m French, second because I’m vegetarian. Anyway.

I just wanted to create this little space dedicated to gratitude and make you participate (if you want, no pressure).

I’ve just noticed that expressing what you’re grateful for in your life is a very powerful habit to start having. The more you do that, the more you’ll train your brain to filter negativity and focus on the positive things around you. It may sound a little cheezy but it’s actually effective. We just honestly take a lot of things for granted and see first what we lack before being amazed and grateful for what we have. And even if that’s something you know, it doesn’t mean you actually take the time to be grateful for these things.

So… if you have 5 minutes, go ahead and use the comment section below and write the thing(s) you’re grateful for. I’ll participate too (you can already check out the Gratitude In Pictures segment). I also think seeing what other people are grateful for in their lives helps us see what we can be grateful for in ours.


    I’m grateful for a lot of things. My friends, family, that I have shelter, fresh food and clean water. I’m grateful for having the opportunity to have an education. I’m grateful to have the ability to write this comment. I’m grateful for all the things we usually take for granted. I’m grateful to have happiness in my life and I’m grateful my existence. Thank you for taking your time to read this, I’m very grateful.

    Today I am grateful for the ability to see things and people are complicated. I can love someone and be frustrated by them at the same time, and still treat them with respect. I have not always had this ability, and for one reason or another, I am extremely thankful for it today.

    I am grateful for being alive, that you spoke to me on 7cupsoftea and held my hand while I asked sought help I was scared to receive. To be here to write this message of thanks which will never be enough.

    I am grateful to have my family that supports me. I am grateful to have my health and a chance to appreciate the beauty that nature offers. I am grateful to have the chance to wake up every morning and enjoy what I have :)

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