Gratitude in Pictures

cats / snails / flowers / sea (Recovery week)

Here are, in pictures, the things I saw and did, and felt grateful for lately.

I had never had surgery before so having an ovarian cyst removed was a strange thing. I wasn’t scared really. My husband and my mom came to visit me and sat on my bed playing a 2-player board game while I was going in and out of sleep. I had brought a solitaire one and stayed up late playing. It was a good experience. Also a relief that my doctor noticed the cyst early.

This forced rest was welcomed and not too painful. I took naps with the cats and my husband reading on the bed next to me. My best friend sent me gorgeous flowers.

When I felt better I went to an exhibition that had different furniture and objects designed by several firms, including a table and a vase that my dad co-designed. I always love what he does, it made me proud to see something he designed.

We ended my 10 day sick leave by a 2-day trip to Normandy. It was very windy and wonderful. The morning before we left, one of my snails died. I cried and decided to release the last one (my oldest,Ginsberg) in a nearby garden. I cried all the way to the train station because it was so brutal and they were my pets.

Now I don’t remember the pain nor the tears of these few days, but only that it was a nice break from work, a time to focus on taking care of myself and spending it with my husband.

I feel grateful for those moments.

What have you been grateful for lately ? Tell me in the comments or use the gratitude page.

Gratitude in Pictures

Nap / Board game / Tea wisdom / Light

Here are, in pictures, the things I saw and did, and felt grateful for lately.

Whenever I can, I take a nap. Our cats aren’t always the cuddliest, especially Baxter. But this time, he curled up close to me and slept as well. I find cats to be peaceful and soothing creatures.

Later that week we played a  board game about archaeology with my sister and her boyfriend. It was really fun. In case you didn’t know already, my fiancé and I are board game fanatics.

Speaking of my fiancé, the wisdom of my Yogi Tea bag was (in French) “Love has no borders” and considering how long our relationship has been long-distance, this sounds very true to me.

Back to games we got and independent one with crazy beautiful art work that comes with diffraction glasses! I  had a lot of fun taking pictures through them. It makes every light source amazing to look at. :)

It really is in our appreciation for the little things that we can find happiness. We need to make time for it otherwise we never feel like we’re in the present.

What have you been grateful for lately ? Tell me in the comments or use the gratitude page.

Gratitude in Pictures

Country side / Family / London / LifeLines

Here are, in pictures, the things I saw and did, and felt grateful for lately.

The view from our window isn’t always the most beautiful, we see buildings being built and a high school, but because we’re on the 4th floor, we do see the sky and sometimes it’s really gorgeous and makes the  light in our bedroom orange or a dark pink. The sky changes so quickly and it’s never the same so taking the time to look at it is a great way to feel present and feel like we’re not moving fast, that our own rhythm is in tune with how time is passing.

We went to my parents’ country house for a weekend. My sister and her boyfriend were there. Big tables set for many people, for family, always make me happy. My family is a very happy one. We laugh a lot at the table and my mother insists on singing a little song before we eat to “introduce” the meal. It’s a song from a French musical that describes an entire meal. It’s really funny.

While I was in the garden, I saw through the window my fiancé and my mother talk in the kitchen. It makes me so happy to see this, especially as I’m French and my fiancé is American and for a year and half he was living in L.A. and I was in Paris so having both my worlds in the same place gives me a warm feeling of unity, and accomplishment too.

My fiancé and I then went to London for 2 days. It was awesome because in the train station there’s a piano that everybody can use and it’s amazing to see random people play, many people looking, just a small thing brightening people’s days.

In London we went to a few restaurants and it made me happy to see vegetarian friendly ones. As a vegetarian you want to go to “regular” restaurant so your friends can also get what they want but it’s sometimes a pain to have to check the menu and realize there’s nothing for you. So finding a menu specifiying that you’re welcomed as a vegetarian and that they can arrange something for you is a nice feeling.

The reason for our trip to London was to attend the LifeLines conference. LifeLines is an organization in London that provides penfriends to death row inmates in the United States. I am writing to someone on death row, someone who became a friend, and it was wonderful for me to meet people from the organization, especially the California coordinators and other members. I hope to visit my penfriend soon.

Reflecting on past moments and expressing the feeling they gave us is a great way to be grateful and to make sure that we keep being aware of little (or big) things that come our way and that we’re happy about. Noticing positive and happy things in our lives and having a feeling  of gratitude towards them is a wonderful thing, but one that has to be practiced. There’s always something beautiful to look at if you choose to.

What have you been grateful for lately ? Tell me in the comments or use the gratitude page.