Goats, please


To be transparent, this is the donate page. But I seriously love goats.

I have a goat skull (died of natural cause on a Greek island), a goat brooch I made, I play Goat Simulator, I was dressed as made up super hero Goat Commander for a costume party (made some horns with my hair, it was pretty cool), I almost bought a latex goat mask, I imitate goats quite well. So I’d love, for my own sanity, to have more goat-related things in my environment, ideally real living goats. I’m in an apartment for now but my human is ready to move to the country side someday with me and our goat family.

Goats are curious of everything and they always try new things. Also, they climb on trees and super steep cliffs which is just insane. So they’re kinda magical and beautiful and some have beards and I love beards.

But goats cost money! So if you want to donate to help pay for my obsession, I promise to be the kindest Goat Commander ever. :)



And more seriously now, donating will help me keep this website up, pay for a¬†Toastmasters membership so I can practice public speaking, hopefully publish (well self-publish) the essays I’m working on, be able¬†to further develop this Positive Soup adventure, pay for hosting, domain name, advertising, and just have more time to do what I think I’m good at and would like to dedicate my life to — keeping humans humane!

I so much appreciate you spending your precious time on my website and hopefully enjoying what I have to say and share. It means the world and is more encouraging than you know.

So, if you donate, it’s amazing, if you prefer having something in return, you can still check out the Positive Soup shop (with cool t-shirts, mugs and tote bags), and if you don’t want to do any of these, that’s fine, you’re already amazing just for being here anyway. :)

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