Gratitude in Pictures

Nap / Board game / Tea wisdom / Light

Here are, in pictures, the things I saw and did, and felt grateful for lately.

Whenever I can, I take a nap. Our cats aren’t always the cuddliest, especially Baxter. But this time, he curled up close to me and slept as well. I find cats to be peaceful and soothing creatures.

Later that week we played a  board game about archaeology with my sister and her boyfriend. It was really fun. In case you didn’t know already, my fiancé and I are board game fanatics.

Speaking of my fiancé, the wisdom of my Yogi Tea bag was (in French) “Love has no borders” and considering how long our relationship has been long-distance, this sounds very true to me.

Back to games we got and independent one with crazy beautiful art work that comes with diffraction glasses! I  had a lot of fun taking pictures through them. It makes every light source amazing to look at. :)

It really is in our appreciation for the little things that we can find happiness. We need to make time for it otherwise we never feel like we’re in the present.

What have you been grateful for lately ? Tell me in the comments or use the gratitude page.

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