Non-Conformity Manifesto


You have the right to disagree,

to think that cat videos are not funny,

that car commercials are stupid,

that acclaimed art is superficial,

to find mass consumption depressing and stepping in a mall unbearable,

to be offended by certain things,

to not want to gossip at lunch break,

to not conform to what is expected of you,

to say “fuck you” to social pressure,

to not find cool or hilarious what is labeled as “cool” or “hilarious”,

to not understand,

to have different references,

to not watch TV,

to live by your own principles,

to not have to justify your thoughts or actions,

to be coherent with yourself and not care what others make of it,

to not click,

to not watch,

to not subscribe,

to not like,

to not follow,

to not surrender,

to decide,

to exist in the exact way that you feel is right for you.



    A wonderful sentiment, although the “sharing is caring” bar at the bottom of the page, with facebook, twitter, pinterest, tumblr, and so on, is somewhat ironic…

      Hi Irin,

      Thank you for your comment! You’re the first ever commenter on Positive Soup so that means a lot. :) And I do understand that the sharing bar can seem ironic but the manifest is not actually about avoiding that or being against the social media actions most people do all the time, it’s about the freedom to choose to do or not do these things no matter how wide-spread they are online or offline, to know that it’s also okay not to care and that none of this is mandatory or even normal really. It’s just an important thing to keep in mind, remembering to step back sometimes. So I try to do something not invasive on Positive Soup but still give the option to share and interact.

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