28 Illustrated Inspirational Quotes


Here are 28 illustrated inspirational quotes that I put together over the years and that I decided to gather below so you can choose the ones that inspire you the most (you can right click and save) and share them or make them your desktop wallpaper or whatever you want.

We’re a little bit flooded with wise words on pretty pictures these days. I know. I’m guilty of that too (yep, Positive Soup is also on instagram) but I do believe that some words or quotes can truly open our minds and change our perspective and therefore inspire and motivate us to think or do differently, to change something.

Read these slowly and let each word resonate with you in order to truly absorb their meaning. We’re not used to doing this in our society where content is everywhere and has to be digested in a second. But as always, we have a choice.

Please feel free to share with me in the comments the quote(s) that inspire you the most, and why. :)