Gratitude in Pictures

cats / snails / flowers / sea (Recovery week)

Here are, in pictures, the things I saw and did, and felt grateful for lately.

I had never had surgery before so having an ovarian cyst removed was a strange thing. I wasn’t scared really. My husband and my mom came to visit me and sat on my bed playing a 2-player board game while I was going in and out of sleep. I had brought a solitaire one and stayed up late playing. It was a good experience. Also a relief that my doctor noticed the cyst early.

This forced rest was welcomed and not too painful. I took naps with the cats and my husband reading on the bed next to me. My best friend sent me gorgeous flowers.

When I felt better I went to an exhibition that had different furniture and objects designed by several firms, including a table and a vase that my dad co-designed. I always love what he does, it made me proud to see something he designed.

We ended my 10 day sick leave by a 2-day trip to Normandy. It was very windy and wonderful. The morning before we left, one of my snails died. I cried and decided to release the last one (my oldest,Ginsberg) in a nearby garden. I cried all the way to the train station because it was so brutal and they were my pets.

Now I don’t remember the pain nor the tears of these few days, but only that it was a nice break from work, a time to focus on taking care of myself and spending it with my husband.

I feel grateful for those moments.

What have you been grateful for lately ? Tell me in the comments or use the gratitude page.