When The Universe Winks At You (a True Story)

This is the true story of Zac and I, in the form of a continuously updated tumblr post that dates back from 2012. I thought it was worth updating it on tumblr over the years because I was myself amazed at how things unfolded, how the universe kept confirming that my intuition was correct from the start, that following this voice deep inside you that tells you when things are right for you is one of the keys towards a happy life.

Happiness starts with working on yourself first, on saying goodbye to ghosts from your past, on healing wounds, confronting your fears and moving on with a clearer mind, opened eyes, a trusting heart, and the space in your life for someone else to share it with. Then you will see the universe winking at you and you will remember in the future how things are exactly the way they are supposed to be, that everything is a lesson in acceptance, detachment, love and faith (in you, in others, in the beautiful nature of your path).


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Positive Picks

What Happiness Sounds Like


New-Intl-Day-HappinessToday is the International Day Of Happiness and as part of it, they created the world’s happiest playlist!

You can share the music that makes you happy by mentioning the hashtag #happysoundslike in your tweets and Facebook posts about it.

As far as I’m concerned, being a big jazz fan, Poinciana by the Keith Jarrett trio lifts my spirit instantaneously and makes me genuinely happy. It represents what I want my life to always sound like. It’s boiling with life and intensity and serenity too.

It feels like it connects the most beautiful aspects of my life together and show them to me. It’s just gorgeous and personal.


What about you? Which music makes you the happiest and why?