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So, I’m going to try to keep this short.

My name is Louise Massol-Dillon, I’m 31 and French. I was born and raised in Paris where I still live with 2 cats and an American human I married.

I love singing Christmas carols in the shower and scat singing everywhere, watching documentaries and science videos, being a vegetarian, having ideas for new tattoos, thinking, learning new things, stepping out of my comfort zone, having ideas for a startup company I’d like to launch one day, talking about compassion and non-judgment, finding beauty in chaos, beauty in people, beauty in nature, receiving mail from my penfriend who’s on death row, laughing, being moved to tears, writing a novel in English and a philosophy essay in French, reading books outside, playing board games everywhere, studying serial killers from a psychological and sociological standpoint,¬†looking at goat pictures¬†(cause I’d love to have one or many someday — and you can help with that), witnessing kindness, listening to jazz loudly, sharing life with my human, riding a bike at night, experiencing things that make me smile uncontrollably, making things that matter.

What else? I sing here. I help here.


    I discovered your site while on I think it was fate because after three mins here I was dialed in and am now a fan for life. Keep up all of you good work.

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